Summer Makeup: Gold Eyes and Simple Lips

Hey guys! I’ve been doing this makeup look everyday this summer and I absolutely love it! I got this makeup look from Bethany Mota so if you are more of a visual learner then I will have a link at the end of this post!

To start off this makeup look, wash and moisturize your face. Apply a BB cream. This will smooth out your skin and blur any pores. Then, set with a powder to mattify your skin and keep your makeup in place all day.

maybelline-dream-pure-bb-cream-dream-fresh-bb-cream-review tumblr_np7hxsbuUu1s3ds9qo1_500

After that, you can start with your eye look! Apply an eyeshadow primer to keep your eye makeup in place in all day. Next, apply a shimmery gold shadow all over your lid, followed by a shimmery light brown shade. Blend the two colors together with a nice fluffy eyeshadow brush. Apply mascara and your eye look is done!



Now it’s time for blush,brows,and lips! Apply a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and make sure to blend,blend,blend! Fill in your brows and set with a clear brow gel. If you don’t have a brow gel on hand, you can use clear mascara to set them as well! Finally, apply lip balm to your lips for added moisture and follow up with a neutral lipstick or lip gloss. Now your look is complete!

*Link to Bethany’s Video: (this is her morning routine, the makeup starts at 3:55)*

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