BTS Tips and Life Hacks

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, summer is ending and school is going to start again, so I gathered up a bunch of back to school tips and lifehacks to help you guys out!
The first life hack for back to school is to have 2 packets of gum in your bag. Make sure one of them is empty, so that when people you may not be best friends with asks you for gum, show them the empty packet so they’ll think you don’t have any more gum, when in reality, you do!
1609333866544097459Kjj4tRAcMy second life hack is to always use your agenda. This will help you so so much. Using an agenda will help you stay organized with all of your assignments and projects. After completing each assignment, check it off or cross it out. Then, when you finish everything, go back over the list and make sure everything is checked off.
tumblr_nhos45aDrM1qczbguo1_1280My third life hack is for anyone who is very forgetful. At the beginning of the school year, you will get your schedule. Take a picture of it and make it your lock screen for the first few weeks of school. Then, when you open your phone, you’ll see your schedule and it’ll be right there.
hlL5VpvMy fourth life hack is for athletes. If your gym shoes smell, put a dry tea bag into your shoes. The tea bag will act as a natural air freshener, so your shoes won’t smell like sweat, they’ll smell like the tea. Just make sure to take them out when you wear the shoes, and put them back in when you’re done.
My next life hack is to help you stay healthy during the school year. On Sunday night, get out 5 plastic sandwich bags (one for every school day). Then, fill them with any smoothie ingredients you want, except for liquid. Then, put all of the bags into a gallon freezer bag and every morning you can grab a pre-made smoothie bag from the freezer, add liquid, blend, and enjoy! You can also make your own lunch every night, instead of wasting money on unhealthy school lunches.
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