my dream life (a mini series) part one: state to live in

Hello everyone! Recently, I have been thinking about where I would want to live in future. This is going to be the first post of a series that I’m going to call “My Dream Life”. In each “My Dream Life” post, I will focus on what my dream life would entail. This post is all about the state(s) I would love to live in and why. The next post will be my dream apartment, where I’ll talk about my ideal apartment and how I would decorate it. I always think about this, and I decided that I wanted to do this series, so here you go!

I always go back and forth between whether or not I would want to live in California (Los Angeles) or New York (New York City).  The thing that pulls me towards California is the always perfect weather and the fact that it is the perfect place for a beauty blogger such as myself. I also have family in the LA area, so I would be able to visit them. I could get a cute apartment to decorate myself and have a puppy. I could go to SoulCycle every morning and then head to Alfred’s Coffee with a friend and go shopping at the Grove. On the other hand, I could also live in New York City and have a cute loft apartment with huge windows and a city view. I could spend my time in an artsy cafe blogging and planning, or getting a blowout at the DryBar. I honestly could see myself living in either state. If I lived in LA, I could work at Teen Vogue as a beauty editor (that would be the DREAM) and do this blog on the side. If I lived in New York City, I could work at the Glossier headquarters and do this blog as well. All in all, both cities hold so many possibilities and I would love to live in either state.












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