my dream life (a mini series) part two: relationships

***This is a short journal entry that I wrote a little bit ago late at night while listening to music. It basically outlines my dream relationship in a perfect world. Enjoy :)***

“If music be the food of love, play on”.  Most of my friends have boyfriends or girlfriends except maybe one or two. I feel like everyone is dating and I’m just alone. I want someone to treat me like a goddess, to call me beautiful, to make me laugh, to just say “I love you”, to hold my hand, to just be the light of my life, to boost my self-esteem; to make me feel wanted. Someone I can trust and confide in. Someone I can conversations at 1am with. A person that is just so beautiful, inside and out. Someone to love and cherish and just be with me. I want someone who will be my shoulder to cry on. Someone who will just hold me when I’m feeling sad or depressed; they won’t make me talk about it if I don’t want to, they’ll just hold me and let me cry. I want someone who won’t judge me. Someone who won’t mind me taking too long to get ready. Someone who will  blast music and dance and sing with me. A person who will pig out on junk food and watch Netflix with me, but also someone who will be my workout partner and motivate me. A person I can travel anywhere with. I just want to be with someone who truly loves me and believes that I am perfect, and someone who I can call perfect as well.






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