winter break morning routine

Now that I’m finally done with midterms, I’m on winter break and I can finally slow down, especially in the morning. Below is my winter break morning routine, and I think it’s my favorite morning routine to practice because it’s so relaxing. Enjoy!
Wake up naturally
On winter break, I typically don’t use an alarm unless I have to be somewhere between 9 and 10am. I love waking up naturally, to the sunlight peeking through my curtains and to a quiet house.
Glass of water
I try to keep a glass of water on my nightstand so that I can have some first thing in the morning. Drinking water right when you wake up is going to boost your metabolism and help you wake up, and it will keep your body hydrated.
Check phone and emails
After drinking my water, I go on my phone and check all of my social media (all will be linked at the end of this post, as usual). I go through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and then I send my streaks and just catch up on my emails and anything else that I missed while I was asleep.
Fuzzy socks and sweater
After sitting on my phone for way too long, I finally get out of my bed. My room tends to be pretty chilly, so I normally put on some fuzzy socks and a sweater.
Play cozy playlist
Now is the time where my Spotify playlists come in. In the mornings, I normally play my “mornings” playlist, but since it’s winter break I play my Christmas playlist to get into the festive mood.
Make bed
Once my music is on, I make my bed so that my room can look a lot cleaner. Also, making my bed when I get up always sets my day off to a good start.
After making my bed, I stretch to get my blood flowing. I like to do a sun salutation (vinyasa flow) and it makes me feel more awake and ready to face the day.
Cozy winter breakfast
After I stretch, I finally eat some breakfast. I don’t have a typical breakfast, but in the winter, I like to eat oatmeal or if I want something lighter, I’ll have avocado toast with fruit.
After eating, I go back upstairs and take a shower. I normally just wet and condition my hair, wash my body and face, and brush my teeth (yes, I brush my teeth in the shower).
Get dressed
After I shower, I will moisturize my body with Shea butter and put on deodorant. Then I will do my skincare routine and put on makeup if I have plans for the day. Then I do my hair and put on an outfit or some clothes to lounge around the house in.
Clean room
I like to clean my room after i get dressed for the day. I normally just put any products away and put away laundry, etc. This is what normally sets me up to be productive all day.
Plans for day
After cleaning my room, I do whatever my plans are for the day. My days on break are never really the same; sometimes I just go with my mom to run errands, or I’ll hang out with my friends or stay home all day.


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