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Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a blog post, and I’m so so sorry. I’ve been super busy with school and mostly just life in general. Speaking of life, this blog post is going to be about my recent decision to make a huge (kind-of) lifestyle change. So, in this post I am going to be explaining why I made this choice and how I am going to achieve a¬†healthier and more positive lifestyle, along with a life update. enjoy! ūüôā
What decision did I make?
I have decided to live a healthier and more positive life. I want to eat healthier, workout regularly, and get more sleep. I also want to provide clarity for my mind, and  be able to think more positively in general.
Why did I make this decision?
I made this decision for me, myself, and I. I want to stop being so negative, as I feel like sometimes my mind¬†is clouded with negative thoughts, mostly about myself. I am my own bully and¬†my own consultant. I feel like I am constantly beating myself up, and then feeling sorry for myself. A lot of the time, I feel very overwhelmed and stressed. I felt the urge¬†to cry over little things and I just didn’t feel good. So, I made it my mission to find the source of the problem, which, ironically, was my own mind. At first, I kept blaming everyone else for my mistakes and feelings. For example, I would tell myself that it was a teacher’s fault I had failed a test or quiz, when I really failed because I didn’t study enough. As a way to cope, I would eat junk food, which is obviously very unhealthy. After about 2 weeks of this, I realized that I was extremely unhappy. I was constantly getting in trouble with my parents, fighting with my siblings almost everyday, and on top of all of that, I felt terrible about myself. I thought I was “fat” and “ugly” and I just wanted to sleep all of the time. I wouldn’t diagnose myself as depressed or anything, but I was definitely not in a good place. ¬†This constant cycle of crying and blame and anger was draining. It¬†is¬†draining. So I decided that enough was enough, and that I¬†was¬†going to be happier and healthier.
How am I doing this?  Tips for Success
1. Journal
I have recently started writing in a journal. Basically, I’ll write down how I feel at the moment, whether I’m sad, mad, or happy. I also like to write quotes that I really like and I’ve started to write Bible verses in there too, as well as my favorite song lyrics. Another thing I’ll do is write down my goals and things I’m grateful for. Doing this really helps me find clarity and process my thoughts and feelings effectively.
2. Make a “mood playlist”
I love music. It helps me block out the world and calm down. Good music makes my soul feel so good, and it soothes me when I’m sad. Making a “mood playlist” is one of the most effective steps I’ve taken to be happier. I have two playlists: one for when I’m “in my feelings” and one for when I need (or want) to feel empowered and confident.¬†(I’ll have a link to my actual Spotify account at the end of this post :))
3. Read
I have always loved to read. Ever since I was younger, I have had this love for books and how they can take you to another world and help you forget everything. Reading is something that has helped me so much because of this. Some days, when life is too crazy, a good book that will take me into another world will be all I need to feel better again. I especially love books that tell an inspiring story or have a strong message.
1. Drink A LOT of water
I drink A TON of water. I got a shiny, gold, insulated S’well “knockoff” water bottle for my birthday last summer and it’s the best thing ever. I bring it to school every day, and I usually drink 2-3 bottles a day. The best thing about it is that it keeps the water cold for a really long time. Drinking water is so good for you. It flushes the toxins out of your system, and helps with bloating. It also keeps your skin glowing and radiant. If you don’t like plain water, you can add fruit to it to give it a little flavor, and add some additional nutrients to the water as well. Fruit water is so detoxifying, especially with lemon.¬†
2. Eat clean
Eating clean¬†is essential to¬†being healthier. Eating clean¬†means eating whole foods. The best way to grocery shop when you’re trying to eat clean is to shop the perimeter of the store. This is where you’ll find all of the healthy food items. Eating organic foods instead of conventional foods is also a way to be healthier. Organic grocery items¬†are¬†more expensive, but they’re so much better for you than conventional. Besides the price, the difference between organic and conventional foods is the quality.¬†Organic foods and ingredients¬†are “grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMOs, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce¬†meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones”, according to Conventional foods are just the opposite. Filling your body with clean, chemical free food is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
***Don’t limit yourself! You can still eat your favorite unhealthy foods, just in moderation :)***
3. Motivate yourself
Motivation. Is.¬†Key. If you’re not motivated to eat healthy and workout, what’s the point? Find little ways to make yourself excited to workout and eat healthy. Pinterest is my favorite way to do this. I created a board specifically for fitness motivation.¬†I pin pictures of “body goals”, workout plans, and cute workout clothes. I also use Pinterest to motivate me to eat healthy. I have a board for healthy eating, where I pin pictures of healthy food that actually looks so good.
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