life update and my recent lifestyle change
Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a blog post, and I’m so so sorry. I’ve been super busy with school and mostly just life in general. Speaking of life, this… View Full Post View Post

positive affirmations
Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today’s post is going to be a little bit different from normal, but I still think you guys will enjoy it a lot. As you can see from… View Full Post View Post

winter break morning routine
Now that I’m finally done with midterms, I’m on winter break and I can finally slow down, especially in the morning. Below is my winter break morning routine, and I think it’s my favorite morning… View Full Post View Post

//life update: skincare favorites (2017)//
HI GUYS! It has been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve uploaded a post! I have so much to tell you guys! I have some new links and  a couple of  promo codes as well. I’ve… View Full Post View Post

flat tummy drinks/tips✨
Hello everyone! I am so excited for this week’s post 🙂 As apart of my new lifestyle, I have been mainly focused on flattening my tummy, naturally. Recently, I have been drinking homemade flat tummy… View Full Post View Post