flat tummy drinks/tips✨
Hello everyone! I am so excited for this week’s post 🙂 As apart of my new lifestyle, I have been mainly focused on flattening my tummy, naturally. Recently, I have been drinking homemade flat tummy… View Full Post View Post

20 of my favorite feelings
Hello everyone! In today’s post, I decided to list 20 of my favorite feelings. I was inspired to write this post by an amazing vlogger/Youtuber named Claire Marshall. She did a video where she showed… View Full Post View Post

The Benefits of Lemon Detox Water & My 2 Favorite Lemon Detox Water Recipes  
Hello everyone! I absolutely love lemon detox water, especially during the spring and summer months. It’s so refreshing and tastes amazing on a hot summer or spring day. In today’s post, I am going to… View Full Post View Post

A Letter to 2015 (With Highlights)
Dear 2015, thank you. Thank you for the amazing memories. For the laughs. For the cries. Thank you for teaching me to love others, and to forgive, but never forget. I met new people, and… View Full Post View Post

BTS Tips and Life Hacks
Hello everyone! Unfortunately, summer is ending and school is going to start again, so I gathered up a bunch of back to school tips and lifehacks to help you guys out! The first life hack… View Full Post View Post